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Halonen Virpi

Criteria for disclosure requirement Start End
Auditor with chief responsibility for audits 14.3.2012

Own holdings Security
No holdings

Persons closely associated Start End Security Amount History
Other relative who has lived at least 12 months in the same household 22.11.2014 No holdings
Controlled corporations Start End Security Amount History
Pilpukka Oy
Controlling power exercised alone
4.12.2014 No holdings
Exercised influence in corporations
No exercised influence in corporations

2014-2016 PSP = Performance Share Plan 2014-2016,
2015-2017 PSP = Performance Share Plan 2015-2017 and
2016-2018 PSP = Performance Share Plan 2016-2018.
The maximum number of gross shares (taxes included) payable if the set maximum performance level is achieved in full.

2015-2017 RSP = Restricted Share Pool 2015-2017.
The gross number of shares payable (taxes included) if the employment has continued until the delivery date of the shares and no notice of termination has been given prior to the delivery date.

2016-2019 MSP = Matching Share Plan of CEO Baan. The total number of gross shares (taxes included) payable in four equal installments in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, if the criteria set by the Board for the payment are fulfilled.

The share grants allocated from the plans which started in 2014 have been adjusted in June 2014 due to reverse split of shares. The reason for the adjustment was to maintain the proportional position of the allocated shares in relation to the Company’s outstanding shares since there was a change in the number of the outstanding shares of the Company as a result of the reverse share split.